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“Why are you lying in bed?” he demanded, observing me curled up under the covers.

“Ummm, I don’t know. Lying in wait, I guess.”

“Sit up,” he said, the new aura of Domination in his familiar eyes made every cell in my body hum with curiosity and excitement.

Pulling off his shirt, he tied it around my face as a blindfold. My hands reached out to caress his waist and thighs but he commanded, “Don’t touch me!” I kept my hands beside me on the bed as his explored my pussy.

After a moment my hands instinctively reached back to touch his skin but I realized myself, quickly jerking them back. “It’s alright,” he assured me, “If I hadn’t wanted you to touch me I would have tied your hands.”

I smiled and reached for him, enjoying the sensation of touching without seeing. Sensually I caressed his chest, hips and thighs before my hands found his cock, already rock hard and begging for me.

“Do you want to kiss it?” he asked.

“Yes,” I breathed. I wanted to add ‘Sir’ but we had not discussed how he wanted me to address him. I waited, still feeling his hardness between my hands despite the fact that my mouth ached for it.

“Very good,” he said, “You didn’t do it. Now you may kiss it.” I complied. “Put it all the way in your mouth.”

Opening wide I eagerly plunged my mouth on his cock, slowly feeling the head hit the back of my throat but not gagging. He asked me to stop and said, “Can you do better than that?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Try again,” he said. This time I plunged it deeper in, possibly only by a millimeter but I wanted to take it all, I wanted to swallow it, to please and impress him utterly. He moaned and I started moving my tongue around and gently massaging his balls with my hands.

Next thing I knew he threw me roughly onto my belly on the bed and plunged his cock into my soaking wet pussy. This moment had alluded me for so long, I longed for him to forcefully take me and allow his animal lust to surface. I squirmed and moaned in response to his thrusts, my movements displaced the make shift blind fold and it uncomfortably covered my mouth so I shook it farther down until it rested around my neck.

I gasped as he pulled out and threw me onto my back. “I didn’t say you could take off the blindfold!”

“I’m sorry,” I said as he replaced it, refraining from trying to make excuses.

It didn’t really matter if I my eyes were covered, I was blinded with sheer delight. Only my sense of touch mattered, all my nerves standing at attention and my pussy on fire, experiencing every touch as if it were the last.

He entered me from the front this time and I squirted again and again, nothing in my mind but surrendering to ecstasy. I’m not even sure how I heard it but my alarm clock started going off. The beeping started out softly and gradually got louder and louder. Finally I mentioned it and Neil suggested that I just ignore it. I tried, but it got louder and more insistent, making me want to scream. Pride welled up in me when I realized my distractible spouse ignored it completely.

Finally he reluctantly removed himself from me to turn it off. There I lay on my back naked except for the shirt tied around my eyes, sweat glistening on me, my every cell body begging for him to be inside me again. My body trembled as the adrenaline and endorphins coursed through me but no thoughts at all crossed my mind, I existed entirely in the moment. The joy felt like a light radiating from me, I never imagined that my husband could make me feel like this.

Suddenly his voice in my ear startled me out of my stupor, “Are you having fun?”

“Yes,” I breathed. He straddled my waist and presenting his cock nearly out of my reach as his hand caressed my soaking wet yoni. I strained my neck forward so that I could kiss and lick it. He reacted with glee each time I squirted over his hand. He licked me once before driving his dick back in my begging pussy.

“Come for me,” he said. Oh, how I wanted to right that minute but it felt so close yet so far away. I knew it was taking too long but I rolled toward my orgasm, my body tensing up and feeling the many sensations I had experienced through this night concentrate right in my cunt. The build up was excruciating. I wanted nothing more than to come on command for him, to show him and reward him for being exactly what I needed. Finally the release, the contractions started in the muscles surrounding his cock and reverberating through the rest of my writhing, moaning body.

“You took too long,” he said.

“I know, I’m sorry,” I muttered, barely able to make my brain form words.

He pulled out and came for me all over my belly. I smiled and admired the beautiful pattern it made, feeling so special and happy and complete.


Fable Come True

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Again I have not posted in sooo long but my life has been undergoing some really serious changes…for the better I might add.

One of my potential lovers, for whatever reason, insisted I get permission from my husband, Neil, before he would sleep with me.  Not sure what it was about Cody that made me want him bad enough to take that leap.  Maybe it was his huge cock sporting a Prince Albert piercing or maybe listening to him talk about how he liked to suck cock.  It doesn’t really matter…to make an excruciatingly long story short…Neil, my beloved husband, acquiesced to my request.  At first there were some ground rules the most important (and difficult to adhere to, IMO) was that he should meet the men I want to carry on with.  He had already met Cody and I felt pretty good about that.  As a matter of fact he had already met Jason, Doug, and Allen…I guess I live in a pretty small town 😉

Well as (bad) luck would have it, Cody got sick not long after I got the go ahead from Neil.  It seemed like he might not come through for me and I started feeling pretty miserable about it.  That combined with the fact that Master Jason told me to expect to hear from him over Christmas break and all I got was resounding silence had me feeling pretty lousy about my sex (and kink) life.

So I sought comfort in the arms of another, occasional, lover Hunter.  He originally turned me on  my telling me that he had not gotten laid since being incarcerated two years ago.  I desperately wanted that passion to be unleashed on me but he didn’t have his own place so that made things difficult for us.  That night I found out he had gotten his own place and we talked and fucked twice…he said he was willing to meet Neil and all.

When I got home Neil was still up and he looked at me like he knew that I had not been completely honest about my whereabouts.  But we went to bed and he fucked my brains out one more time.  I was so nervous he was going to taste Hunter on me when he ate my pussy but I still came and had a marvelous time.

The next day Neil came, seemingly out of the blue, and said, “I was wrong to put limits on you.  You can have sex with whoever you want, I don’t have to meet them.”  My heart leaped out of my chest and I felt like I was falling in love with him all over again.  “But just so you know,” he added, “I’m in CONTROL.”  I almost melted into a puddle right then and there.  He had that look, that aura, of the Dom I had been searching for in his eyes for so long.

“I understand,” I said, but still not quite sure that I did.

Friends Find Each Other

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I’ve been flirting around with my friend Allen, probably for a few months now.   I always thought he was hot since we met through mutual friends but I was excited to stumble across his profile on a fetish website.  After that I could barely contain myself.  I just wanted him to spank me so badly.
So far we’d only gotten as far as a few near misses, he lit my fire one night by kissing me, biting me, and pulling my hair.  But I turned him down when he invited me back to his place.
Finally our orbits intersected when he texted me the other night while I was out dancing.  I told him I would probably be out until 2am.

“I’ll be asleep but if you want I can give you directions and you can come over and wake me up,” he said.

“Oh but why hell yes,” I responded, excited that we might finally get our chance.

So he sent directions to his house with the instructions, “Be naked.”

I suspected he did not even expect me to show but there was no way I was going to let the opportunity slip away one more time.

With my heart racing I pulled up to his house and took a deep breath.  I was more nervous about sneaking into a dark house than anything else that might ensue.  All these crazy thoughts were running through my head.  What if it’s the wrong house?  What if I sneak into the wrong bedroom?  What if some one else is there?  Doesn’t he have a roommate?
The door was unlocked and I could not stop grinning as I tried to creep in quietly in my black high heeled, knee high boots.  I found what I thought to be his room and it was so dark I only hoped the lump in the bed was him.  I closed the door most of the way and stripped off my clothes…all except for my boots.  I thought he would either love me naked except for my boots or he would punish me for not following his instructions explicitly.  Either one was fine with me.

He was still sound asleep until I began to slip into the bed with him.  “Well hello there,” he said.

“Hello,” I said.

We kissed.  I was delighted to find him naked as well.  He wasted no time moving his fingers to my pussy.  The first time I came, he reprimanded me, “Did I give you permission to come?”  His voice was deep, sexy and commanding yet teasing, it gave me a chill inside and pulled me back into the moment, there with him…Allen, who I had waited so long for his touch.

“No, Sir,” I panted.  But he kept working me relentlessly with his fingers, I felt completely out of control.  I threw my head back and grabbed his head board but he quickly stopped saying, “Uh-uh-uh, not yet.”

Allan laid down on the bed and I kissed him passionately, biting him a little, shaking my ass, trying desperately to goad him into biting me or pulling my hair so hard as I craved.  He knew I could barely wait to taste his cock but I wanted him to tell me, to make me do it.  Finally I whispered, “Tell me what you want.”

“I’d like to feel that tongue ring I’ve heard so much about,” he said slyly.

I started by licking his ear, his neck and shoulders, down his chest, spending a few seconds on his nipples, then his thighs.  Finally I descended on his cock and balls.  I wanted to take my time but my mind is about as undisciplined as my pussy, I could not wait to feel it against the back of my throat.

He had one hand in my pussy when he pushed my head down until I gagged.  He responded with glee as I flooded his hand.

The first time his hand landed on my ass with a smack it stung so good just like I had imagined it would.  As he spanked me he kept his fingers inside of me so that he could feel my pussy respond, “That’s a very nice cunt you have there,” he said, “But it really needs to learn some control.”  I tried so hard not to come as the blows continued to crack against my ass.  He put his hand against my neck and I’ll bet he felt my pussy respond to that too.  I’ve been known to squirt just from that action alone, but I was trying to hold back.  As I said I have trouble putting all the details in order but I do remember him squeezing just a bit, with his hand still working diligently and gasping for breath a few short moments.

“Have you ever been fisted?” he asked.

My response was unintelligible because his cock was still in my mouth.  “What was that?”

I giggled and spit out his dick long enough to say, “Yes.”

“Sit up,” he commanded.  With me in a squatting position, he began working his hand into my soaking wet pussy.  Though he worked slowly and patiently, I don’t think he made it all the way in.  It was a bit difficult for me to relax and yet not allow myself to come.  The intense feeling of being filled up sends me over the moon.

He pushed me down on all fours and rubbed his cock against my ass.

“Stay right there,” he said and he walked into the bathroom.  I stayed there, trembling, wondering what he was doing, wishing he was putting on a condom so he could fuck me but knowing that was too much to hope for.

He came back with a hand towel he put under me and I think he had put some lube on his hand which he aggressively fucked me with while spanking me from time to time.  Finally he hugged my ass and murmured in a deliciously sultry voice, “Come for me.”

My whole body burned with pleasure but after trying to be a good girl and holding back so long, I just could not do it right away.  But when I finally did it was a fountain, rendering the little hand towel he brought in completely useless in a matter of seconds.

I don’t really remember him laying back down on the bed, such intense g-spot stimulation renders me completely brainless.  I do remember positioning myself straddling his thigh with his hand still working me over while I played with his dick.  Even if he wasn’t going to fuck me I wanted him to really feel my squirt.  I surged twice, soaking his leg and everything else.  But he didn’t stop there.   He kept working me until I collapsed over him gasping, “I can’t stop,” and allowed myself to convulse as the fluid gushed out of me.  That is such a scrumptiously scary and overwhelming feeling.  I used to not understand what “forced orgasm” meant.  At times like these I understand completely, I feel as if it’s nearly too intense and a little embarrassing as I completely lose control and soak everything in sight as my whole body is completely enveloped in ecstasy.

Then I went to rubbing my tits on his dick while licking it a little, wishing he would give me some more instruction on what he wanted.  He said he wanted to put his cock in my cunt so bad but and I looked at him slyly while licking his balls and said, “so what is it, you don’t have any condoms or you are just too respectable?”  I felt so sassy, even after the pounding he had just given me.  I knew good and well he wasn’t going to let me have his cock inside me but I couldn’t help teasing.

Finally he threw me roughly over onto my back.  I squealed with delight as he straddled my hips, and grabbed his cock saying, “Where do you want this?”

“In my pussy.”

He said, “NO!  Where do you want this load?”

Overwhelmed by the moment I just said, “Wherever you want it, baby.”  Instantly I wished I had said my mouth, how I love to taste the fruits of my labors.

But I was pleasantly surprised when let it fly.  I laughed gleefully and exclaimed, “You squirt too!”  I felt a shower on my chest but some of it actually flew over my head.  When I got up and started to get dressed I found some in my hair and my ear too!

As he was pulling his soaking wet sheets from the bed he said he was pretty amazed, he had never seen so much fluid that was “not pee.”  That made me feel pretty special since I knew he had some experience with squirters.  I made fun of him for thinking a little hand towel could contain my squirts, I really thought he had fair warning.

I hope we get to play again and he lets me please him more thoroughly.  It’s nice to have someone I know and trust to play with.  I hope, too, that he will feel more comfortable unleashing on me, pulling my hair till my eyes water and forcing that fist as deep inside me as he wants.

Force De Jour

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We recognized each other immediately, even though we had only shared a few pictures online.  I smiled widely and waved.  We hugged and it felt wonderful…he was a bear.  But he didn’t stay cuddly for long.  He grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled hard.  He knew that was just what he had to do to own me from that moment on.  We kissed and it felt so right.  But although originally I had intended to join him for a beer and talk, I soon had another idea entirely.  We walked, holding hands from time to time.  All the while my insides were churning with excitement and a little bit of fear.  Knowing all Chuck really wanted to do was cut my clothes off and rape me made my pussy tingle in spite of itself.
Finally I steered him away from the crowds and down a dark alley I knew of.  It was nice and quiet just as I’d hoped.  He knew just what was on my mind, he pushed me against the wall and grabbed my neck while kissing me.  “You know I could do anything I want to you right now,” he growled.
“Yes,” I sighed, already my pussy dripped with arousal.  He kissed me hard.  Despite the fact that we were both living out a fantasy, we felt a little bit nervous and exposed.  Every noise made us worry about being seen or getting caught.  So we walked deeper into the alley and stumbled across a little fenced in atrium.  Chuck wanted to go in but I was still nervous.  “Let’s go in there,” he said.
“I don’t know, the fence kinda makes it look like this would be trespassing,” I hesitated.  Partly because I was afraid of trespassing and partly because I knew he could probably get away with raping me in there.
Eventually he lured me inside and things got really heated.  My memory fails me of every detail, when I get into subspace my mind kind of shuts down and gives way to my body.  We kissed more…he stopped at one point and said, “We haven’t really negotiated this scene so I just want to say that you can safeword at any time…what words do you like to use?”
“The colors are fine,” I managed to pant out.  I was trembling and breathless as he told me what a slut I was and asked me how much I liked to fool around where any body could see us.  He bit me and slapped me, all of which made me crazy.
He pointed to the ground and said, “You’d like it if I tore your clothes off right now and took you right here, wouldn’t you?”
“I can’t…” I stuttered.  He knew I wasn’t on birth control.
“I didn’t say can you, I said you want to don’t you?”
“Yes,” I gulped.
“You’re so wet right now aren’t you?”
“Yes I am.”
He jammed his hand down my skirt and found it to be so true.  He held me up from behind because my legs could barely hold me.  My eyes searched around for a minute to see if someone might be looking before I was to aroused to care.  I clutched him as my clit exploded.  As he continued to work me, I squirted hard.
“Look at you, you’re coming right here in the street where anyone could see you,” Chuck said.  “How many times did you come?”
“Twice,” I said.
“Well those were the only freebies you’re going to get, from now on you have to ask permission, do you understand?”
“Yes, I understand, Sir,” I whispered.
“Not sure if I can get my magic fingers at just the right angle here.”  He managed to work a couple fingers inside me and to my surprise as well, found the g-spot.
Suddenly I became terrified, I can’t control my g-spot orgasms, especially when I am as aroused as I was in that moment.  “No, please,” I begged, “I can’t control them.”  I started struggling, he had told me that he wanted me to fight…I know he must have liked it, knowing I was terrified that he would make me orgasm uncontrollably.  Or maybe he was just looking forward to the punishment.
He was spitting out a tirade of words, telling me what a slut I was and I was loving it.  Then he said, “That’s all you’re good for, a wet whole to be used.”
I pushed my head into his shoulder and whimpered, “No, please don’t say that.”  I really meant it but I was curious what his reaction would be since I hadn’t used the safeword.
“I’m sorry,” he said, “I went to far.”  Since it was our first time playing together I enjoyed seeing his tender side leak through his violent side.  But I made a mental note that if we were going to do the rape scene under NO circumstances should he break “character” unless I safe worded.  At this point I was sure it would be safe to act that out…and I couldn’t wait.
He grabbed me and slammed me back against the fence.  It made a very dramatic noise when my head hit it but it didn’t hurt at all, “I’m so sorry, are you ok?”
I laughed, thinking for a brief moment he felt the fear that he had just accidentally bashed my head in.  I assured him I was ok and we moved on, giggling a bit.
“I was wondering,” I said, “How bad my punishment would be if I grabbed your crotch right now.”
“Why don’t you find out?”
What I really longed to do was drop to my knees and take it in my mouth right that minute but I knew he would not allow that.  So I worked it through his pants until he let me unfasten his belt and touch it with my fingers.  He had worked me into a frenzy on line by telling me that his cock was uncut.  I had only been with one uncircumcised man before and I found it wonderful.  It broke my heart that most American boys were deprived a part of their sexual organs.  He only let me handle it for a few minutes.
The hour was getting late and I knew I had to be getting back.  I said something about it but Chuck had other ideas.  His hand were pinching my nipples and his hand was twisted in my hair, pulling it hard again.  There was no way I was going anywhere.  Next thing I knew, in a flash he had exposed my breasts and I screamed, automatically going to cover them, “Oh no, it’s cold.”  When we first started talking about how he’d like to “force” me to do things and wanted me to struggle, I did not even know if I could do it.  When I get turned on I just want to please and comply.  But clearly knew how to bring it out in me.  I wanted what he was doing but I accessed that part of me that allowed me to struggle.
I wish I could remember more details…every moment was so delicious.  “I’ve never done anything like this before,” he chuckled.
“Neither have I,” I said.
“I thought you said you used to have sex in public all the time,” he said.
“Oh, right…well I haven’t done anything like this since I was a minor,” I corrected.  Those memories of hot teen sex anywhere we could get it were so long gone that it seemed like another person, another lifetime.   And it certainly didn’t have anything to do with BDSM.
We walked back to the car, talking and flirting.  He talked some more about how even though he liked submissive women, the last thing he wanted was for me to lie there and take it.  He wanted to see my spirit, my spunk.
I had wondered before if Jason would want me to struggle.  I think part of him knew if I got too excited, struggled too much I could most likely hurt him…he is strong but I outweigh him.  Chuck, on the other hand, was big enough and strong enough to take me down if I struggled hard.  I still felt comfortable if things got out of hand that I knew enough tricks stop him.  But now I knew that would not be necessary.  He had showed me his D as well as his heart.
When we got to the car, I remember him grabbing my neck, choking me right there on the sidewalk where several people gave us funny looks.  I have expected the police to arrive…I hoped the people who saw us could tell that I was loving every minute of it.  Then he started spanking me.  It stung so well, I knew when he got me alone my ass was going to get it.  I tried to get away from him, working some more on that spirit he wanted to see.
I tried to hug him good bye but he grabbed me and started to pull me away from the car.  “Remember you can safeword at any time,” he said, “Or you can just say, I really have to go.”
“I really have to go,” I said firmly but sadly.  I didn’t want to destroy the chance that I could see him again by getting carried away at our first meeting.

Feast of the Dead (Happy Halloween!)

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I was at a movie with Mistress when the phone rang.  I held it up to her so she could see the caller ID, it was Jason.

I texted him back that I was in a movie, wondering if he was pocket dialing me as he had the week before.  “Your Master needs some attention,” he replied.

I showed it to her and she replied, “Tell him I will let you go but he owes me.”  I smiled at her incredible understanding.  I kissed her and told her I loved her before I practically sprinted out the door.

I hadn’t seen Jason in a few weeks but the addiction remained strong as ever. I couldn’t resist his hot body and his twisted mind.

The door was ajar when I arrived. As I closed it behind me there was a post it note over the dead bolt lock that read, “Happy Halloween.” Adrenaline coursed through me as I glanced around the quiet house. Jason emerged from his bedroom wearing a black ski mask. I wore a long wig, a cute strapless goth dress, fish net hose, and high heeled black knee high boots. I knew he would dig the outfit, though the wig wouldn’t last long. I desperately needed him to pull my hair as hard as he could.

“Happy Halloween,” he said as he approached me and kissed me. Every time the first kiss took my breath away. The ski mask was an interesting touch.

He pulled me into his bedroom and grabbed me, pushing me against the door as it closed and kissing me hard. “I was at a party,” he said, “And I am going back.” I understood this was to be a quickie and send me on my way. A little sadness crept in at the thought of this since I had at least a couple hours to kill but I needed him so bad, in whatever way he was willing to give to me.

Grabbing my hand roughly he placed it on his cock, already bulgding in his khaki pants. I moaned and he shushed me, I guessed that his roommate was asleep in the next room. Such delicious torture to be quiet.

“On your knees,” he ordered. and I complied eagerly. He presented me with his cock and I took it hungrily in my mouth, excited to be able to use my hands on the base and his balls, since many times we played they were tied.  I hoped I got better every time, I moved my tongue and head around, tittilating him with my tongue ring and sliding it deeper and deeper in.  I was also becoming better able to control the gag reflex, though I love the way he moaned when I finally gave in to the instinct, retching and drooling on him with eyes watering and make up running and still as much of a smile as I can muster with my mouth so full.

“Yes, good girl,” he murmured, “You are MY slut, you want to feel me come in your mouth so bad.”

His hand found his way into my shirt and pinched my nipple hard.  He smacked my face and I wanted to beg him to do it again, to slap me harder…but it was more important for me to be obedient.   As usual I felt conflicted, wanting to taste his come but at the same time wanting to prolong the moment, to feel it inside me, to share his pleasure in the best way possible. But I was obedient. Even after he asked me where I wanted his come, I hesitated, wanting to please him and not myself.

But he demanded that I look into his eyes and tell him what I wanted. I bent down low so that I could lick his cock and look deep into his ice blue eyes, unable to decide.  “Where do you want my cock?” he demanded again.

This time I found my voice and pleaded, “I want your cock in my pussy.”

“Turn around,” he said as he pulled off his pants and put on a condom. I bent over his bed, still fully clothed, he just pulled my underwear and hose down to my knees, my dress down on top and up on bottom for access. As expected, the wig was already in a lump on the floor. We struggled for a moment, trying to find just the right angle to compensate for my high heels. I sighed loudly as he plunged inside me, wanting so badly to moan and cry out to show how much I loved and needed to feel him inside me. But I kept quiet, whispering my adoration of his strokes. He pulled my arms behind me, my face buried in the bed. I loved it when he restrained me, reminded me that he was my Master. My pussy embraced his cock, loving every precious and rare moment that he was inside me.

Yet my mind wandered, wondering if I made it too easy, if he simply didn’t find any cute girls at the party he went to, had a few drinks and decided to call me just to get his rocks off. Did it matter? He warned me he was going to usher me out the door when he came and I didn’t protest. My addiction was too strong, the fact that we could steal some time together, no matter how short, meant too much.

He twisted his fingers into my hair and pulled hard as I felt the orgasm begin to rock through him. Every time I was astounded by the length and strength of his orgasms. Even through the condom I felt every bit of it and my pussy contracted with the pleasure of being able to please him so well. Yet I knew it also meant our time together was ending so the satisfaction was bittersweet. I already missed him and I hadn’t even left yet. Though our lives could never truly intersect, the energy between us was unmistakable. We connected in ways that transcended anything I could grasp or understand.

I could only hope that he felt the same way. A small piece of me felt like I was used so cruelly, that I was nothing more than a prostitute who worked for free. Yet I liked it when he called me his slut, because I knew it was true, I long ago accepted the terms of our relationship and volunteered my body as an object for his pleasure. I hungered for him, the look in his eyes, the feeling of his kisses…both soft and hard, the way he lorded himself over me and commanded me to behave. The hunger ate me up inside some days, but recently I had become more complacent about our arrangement and our time apart. It was better that way…to just know somewhere off in the distance that he would call for me again and we could find our pleasure so easily together. Our arrangement existed outside of anything else, our own little world where nothing existed but our touch, our energy interacting, and our pleasure.

I imagined that not many people had ever experienced anything so exquisite, so personal, yet impersonal at the same time. No strings attached meant different things to different people but I hope images of my obedience and my sweet red ass are always tickling the back of his mind, the way thoughts of his voice, his eyes and his cock always tickle mine.

I watched Jason pull off the condom and toss it in the trash. His cock still oozed, so I smiled and wiped it off with my finger, putting it to my mouth, enjoying the taste. He pulled his pants back on and dressed as I fixed my clothes to be decent again, sighing. He offered me a sip from his flask and I accepted with a smile. We walked out together, kissing one last time.

On the sidewalk he said, “See you later,” like he always does. Meloncholy overcame me as I climbed in my car for the sad drive home. I can only hope that I mean more to him than a prostitute, he wouldn’t kiss me like that if I didn’t. Yet still the luster of being used might be wearing off.   I am learning that may be the nature of a submissive, particularly one in my situation, allowing oneself to be used and finding the balance between being used and being treasured. At this point, at least, I am coming to accept that for now I will in fact “see him later.” I trust now that if and when his situation changes he will cut me loose, letting me know that he will no longer require my service. When I’m on my knees looking into his eyes I truly desire nothing more than to be of service.

But now he owes my Mistress for the time he stole from her…I’m hoping he will chose to repay it by someday showing her how to bind my breasts, I know she will dearly love that. Still, I’m not sure what kind of repayment she had in mind. That remains to be seen, I guess, but it sounds like fun to me!

I drove home in a haze, concerned that even though I hadn’t had much to drink I would get pulled over for driving under the intoxication of Jason’s gorgeous scent still lingering over my body. Count me as a firm believer in the power of phermones. His scent never fails to make me feel safe, at home, and unbelievably horny.

File Under Fun, Part 1

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The following week, the new “Dom” and I had our first official “scene” together.  He had decided not to restrain me in an effort to gain my trust.  I had shared that despite my enjoyment in the moment of our first meeting, the intensity of it later left me a little bit afraid.  He promised to maintain control and work slowly toward trust.

Before we met, he provided me with a list of commands to learn as follows:

  1. STAND OR UP–stand with legs 4″ apart – head up – eyes down – arms behind back with palms crossed.
  2. STAND ATTENTION- Same as above but with hands interlocked behind head
  3. KNEEL –on your knees – back straight – arms behind back with hands together – head up – eyes down
  4. KNEEL SPREAD –on your knees – legs spread as wide as possible – feet together – push breasts out – head up – eyes down – hands behind head – fingers locked
  5. SIT –Indian style on the floor – knees bent – legs spread and crossed at the ankles – palms up on knees – back straight – head up – eyes slightly down
  6. TEACH –on knees – feet together – knees 12-14″ apart – sitting on heels – hands laid on legs with palms up – back straight – head up – eyes down – sitting back on heels
  7. FACE DOWN – knees tucked under chest – head bowed – arms straight in front by head – palms down
  8. LAY DOWN –lay on stomach – face down – arms above head – legs spread
  9. INSPECTION – stand legs wide apart – breasts pushed out – hands locked behind head – head up – eyes down
  10. DISPLAY – Items are displayed in the following order – Breast, Pussy, Ass, and Mouth. Offers each item in the appropriate order for viewing then waits for a nod or acknowledgment from before continuing to the next item
  11. PUNISHMENT – 2 positions
    Punishment Position (– on knees – head down – hands by face
    Punishment Position (Standing) – bend over and grab legs with hands behind calves

He started with me fully clothed in a low cut shirt, short black skirt, grey stockings, and high heeled boots, asking me to perform the required positions.  I did pretty well, not requiring much correction.  I had trouble remembering the difference between Inspection and Display.  I knew I was going to have trouble keeping my eyes down, I wanted to badly to see his eyes, to watch him watching me, to know if I was pleasing him or not.  But I knew that if I didn’t do well he might put me in a corner or deprive me of his cock so I tried hard to do my best.

After performing the behaviors once or twice he asked me to Stand and walked over to me.  He kissed me and bit my neck, beginning to remove my clothes.  He told me to put my arms up to remove my shirt.  Taking it off, he walked over to the chair to lay it down and, confused, I started to put my arms down.  “Did I say put your arms down?”

“No, Sir,” I answered.

He pulled my hair and immediately I my pussy spasmed and I trembled, “Are you having trouble concentrating already?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I was about to tell you to put your arms down but now you get to keep them up a little while longer.”  So my arms floated high above my head as he continued to kiss me, bite me, and undress me.  They began to ache a bit but I knew I could not let them down.  Finally he told me to put them down and I stood naked except for my stockings and boots.  “Display,” he commanded and stood right in front of me as I offered my breasts, my pussy, my ass and then my mouth.  When I opened my mouth for him, he put his hand down my throat until I gagged a couple of times, then kissed me.  I didn’t kiss back, I knew I couldn’t close my mouth and kiss him back until he told me I could.

He sat down on the bed and put a pillow next to him.  “We’re going to start things off with a nice over the knee spanking,” he said, ordering me to lay on his lap.  It felt so silly and luxurious all at the same time.  I squirmed under the impact of his strikes on my ass, my already wet pussy begging for attention.

Not to belabor the details, I had also earned some real punishment and he explained that I must take 30 licks from the paddle.  “After each strike I want you to say, ‘thank you, sir, 1…thank you, sir, 2…and so on until you get to 30.  Then if you feel that you’ve had enough, you say ‘thank you, sir, thank you for my punishment.'”  He told me what to say to get more if I felt I needed it but I can’t remember it now.

The paddle hurt…a lot…and when we got to 10 I just didn’t know if I was going to make it to 30.  It stung so bad and I was terrified that he was leaving marks that couldn’t be easily explained away.  He paused just enough between licks to allow me to recover and continue.  By the time he got to 30, the endorphins were coursing through me so fast I felt like I could take some more but was still afraid of the marks.

Fawning Over Falsehoods

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I’ve just come out of a brief but intense experience that I must share…sorry again for my absence, I have been too busy misbehaving to write 😉  Now I believe I’ve come back down to earth.

I met a potential Dom on a website, we chatted online quite a bit before we agreed to meet.  I told him all about how I loved to have my hair pulled and choke on cock.

We seemed to connect immediately the first time we met, with common vanilla experiences and interests.  We ended up out in a parking garage when he grabbed me and kissed me for the first time.  In response to my worry that we might be spotted, he invited me into the back seat of his truck.  I watched him transform instantly from a sweet cuddly guy into a full on Dom as he pulled my hair hard.  “Do you want to be my submissive?” he asked me sternly.

“Yes,” I gulped.

“Yes, what?” he demanded.

“Yes, Sir, I want to be your submissive.”

Still pulling my hair painfully hard he kissed me.  “I am so wet right now,” I said smiling.

He put his hand up my skirt and said, “Oh my yes you are.”  He started fucking me with his fingers but I after a minute I struggled, muttering something about fearing being seen.  “I’m not going to let us get caught.  Do you want to stop?”

“Well um…I don’t know.”

“Does it feel good?” he said.

“Oh yes.”

“Why would you want to stop something that feels good?”  I relaxed and closed my eyes.  He still had hold of my hair so that I couldn’t look around.  I felt myself begin to give in to his authority, to believe that he would take care of everything and all I had to do was feel good.”

I came hard and fast.  “What do you want?” he said.

“To please you, Sir.”

“What do you want, Cassie?”

“To touch your cock, Sir.”

“Is that what you want?  To touch it?”  I had a feeling he was waiting for me to say that I wanted it in my mouth, but I was playing a game too, I was waiting for him to say he wanted that.

Rubbing his cock with my hand, I squirmed in my seat, turned on my his arousal.  He moaned and offered praise for a couple minutes.  Then when I thought he was close to coming, he called my name sharply.  I thought he wanted me to stop so I did.  He told me I was a naughty sub for getting him all turned on and leaving him hanging.  “On your knees,” he said.  I got on my knees on the seat and he pulled up my skirt, giving me a nice little spanking for my transgression.

Next thing I knew I was gagging and drooling on his cock just as I’d dreamed.  “Good girl,” he murmured.  It didn’t take long for me to taste his come in my throat.  I was feeling very proud of myself while floating around in a glorious subspace he had created the minute he pulled my hair.

“Well what’s your answer?” he said.

I honestly couldn’t remember what he was talking about.  “I’m sorry Sir my brain kind of stops working when I’m in subspace.”

“Think about it Cassie, what did I ask you?”

After a few minutes of squirming I said, “You asked me if I wanted to be your submissive.”

“That’s right, do you want to be my ONLY submissive?”

“Yes, Sir,” I answered again, after a moment’s hesitation.  I really felt like I was signing a contract in blood that I hadn’t even read.  I guess as much as I wanted it I was also afraid of giving up control.

He left me with a few more wondrous kisses as I stumbled out to my car, barely in any shape to drive.  He texted me not long after I drove off, “I am very pleased, and surprised.”

I asked him why he was surprised and he said it was unusual to have such instant chemistry as we had.

For the next week I did not much else but chat, text and think of him.  He promised me many things, not the least of which was he never wanted me to be an object, but a beloved pet.  I loved the idea of secretly being someone’s pet.